Energy Assets and Operations in Trinidad and Tobago
Company Overview

Trinidad Petroleum Holdings Limited (Trinidad Petroleum) is vested with the responsibility of managing Trinidad and Tobago’s oil and related assets.  Trinidad Petroleum has four subsidiaries – Heritage Petroleum Company Limited; Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited; Guaracara Refinery Limited and Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago (Petrotrin).

Our Values


The safety and well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate is our number one priority.

People Focused

Our people are our most valued asset; we will empower them always to do and to be their best.


We are a value-driven company that is focused on achieving world-class financial performance.


We are uncompromisingly committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards and doing what we say we will do. 


We can respond quickly and effectively to any crisis or uncertainty as we believe it’s an opportunity for positive change.

Our Subsidiaries

Our Operations

Four Companies. One Mission


Oversee terminalling, fuel trading, product supply and logistics.


Oversee exploration and production with revenue generated through crude sales and crude storage.

Guaracara Refining

Oversee the preservation of refinery assets and provide ‘utility services’ to Paria Fuel Trading.


Member group of subsidiaries of Trinidad Petroleum Holdings.

Our Way Forward, A New Direction


Establish a clear strategy, governance and operating plans for all Companies

Establish viable, efficient and profitable operations- Heritage and Paria

Embed culture change – systems, process, mindset / behaviors

Building a business that is focused on performance through talented capable people and integrated processes

The best person in every position


  • Robust recruitment
  • Technical skills
  • Behavioural competencies
  • Preserve the integrity of the process

A performance framework that links business objectives, team performance and individual results and behaviours


  • Define strategy, business plan, governance, KPIs
  • Embed new ways of work/processes
  • Measure outcomes and behaviours
  • Reward desired outcomes/ behaviours

Create an environment where high employee engagement leads to best-in-class performance


  • Management training
  • Engagement programs
  • Values embedding

Focus on developing skills and capabilities to drive business growth


  • Development of key skills: Technical Leadership Business